• We ask that you arrive free of any body lotions or Oils. 
  • You must be wearing dry underwear. 
  • What we Provide? Robes, towels, sandals, lockers, water and anything else needed before or after your sessions.

If you have time please fill out our online waiver before you arrive. (Must be 18 years old) 



What to expect in a cryo session.


  • Mohler Recovery believes in providing outstanding customer service. Before your first cryo session, we would like to go through a few things that will help give you the most positive experience with us!

  • Our friendly staff will greet you upon arrival, and answer all questions you may have. We then ask you to sign a waiver, and take your blood pressure.  

  • You’ll be shown to the cryo room, where a Mohler Recovery specialist will go over the instructions with you. Please arrive with your skin free of lotions or oils.

  • We require all clients to wear tall socks, gloves and slippers in the cryo chamber, which we provide for you! 

  • You’ll be given total privacy to remove all clothing except your underwear. Remove all metal and jewelry from your body. Dry towels will be provided; please dry off any moisture from your body. You must enter the chamber completely dry.

  • Once you’re in the provided socks, gloves and slippers, you will step into the cryo chamber and ring the bell . Our Recovery Specialist will return and start your session. They will stay with you, talking you through the entire process. 

  • Modesty is very important to us! We’ll only see your face, as the rest of your body will be in the cryo chamber. 

  • While you stand in the Cryo chamber for 2-3 minutes, your body is enveloped with extreme dry, cold air. The extreme cold causes the body to direct blood flow away from your extremities and to your organs. As you get colder, you can place your arms around your body and give yourself a big hug. This will make you feel a little warmer and relax you. 

  • To get optimal benefits, you should try to stay in the cryo chamber at least two minutes the first time. Repositioning your body – a little movement back & forth – will help you feel at ease and help you to not lock your knees. You can leave the chamber at anytime, but try to work your way up to a three-minute session over time for optimal benefits.

  • After your session, your body circulates your blood and instantly warms back up to regular temperature. Once your session is over, our Recovery Specialist will leave the room, allowing you to exit the cryo chamber and get dressed in complete privacy.

  • Cryotherapy may be used before or after a workout. There is no down time and you can go right back into the world feeling energized, stronger and refreshed!